Company’s profile

Since 1929, our company has been working in the mechanical industry as a machine shop and machine tool manufacturer.

Since 1929, our company has been a leader in the forging industry, first with the historical forging hammer range (first as “CORSI”, then as “APUANIA”) which is still being produced; then, through a combination of our expertise and the experiences of huge numbers of clients in the development, design and manufacture of hot forging presses, where we have served lots of Italian and foreign forging companies.

Our long experience, combined with the update and development of our Design Department, as well as the highly specialised skills of our engineers and staff, has enabled our company to develop cutting-edge products to our clients’ satisfaction.

For instance, in the early Nineties we partnered with Siemens in the development of CNCs to launch hydraulics in hydraulic presses; after overcoming problems in the development of such machines and by supporting Siemens engineers at our site, we applied to one of our brake-lining presses one of the very first Controls, with its hydraulic control software.

One of the traits our clients appreciate most is that our presses are always suited to the client’s actual requirements so as to optimise development and manufacturing costs.
Then, we began to produce hydraulic presses for other applications as well, one of the most important ones being the aeronautical industry, where, with our clients’ support, we have designed, engineered and manufactured forging presses with rubber pads to produce light alloy parts for aircrafts.

In this industry, we supplied a 10000 kN CNC press to Alenia Aereonutica in Casoria that they use in their laboratories to test parts and find the best production specifications for their outsourced supplies; other prestigious clients in the aeronautical industry include Costruzioni Aeronautiche Tecnam in Casoria, and Soc. TESI Costr. Aereonutiche in Naples, to which we supplied two 10000 kN CNC presses.

ISO 9001-2008 and SA8000-2008 Certificates

For the sake of completeness, please note that we have recently started to develop pot die-forming presses, the new frontier of die forming.
In the “pipeline” industry, especially in the production of pot die-formed T couplings, we designed and sold a 32000 kN press to a leading Italian company.

More of these new pot die-forming applications and machines are currently being designed and developed.
We hold no. 3 European and international patents for our Machine Tools.

Another one of our company’s core businesses is precision machining, as third-party suppliers.
For years, we have been qualified suppliers to Nuovo Pignone in Florence-Massa, TMP Termomeccanica Pompe of La Spezia and lots of industries, both locally and in Central-Northern Italy.
Our Technical Department uses cutting-edge technology, the latest 3D CAD-CAM software with integrated simulators for the development and pre-testing of processing software, modern machine tools (boring machines, milling machines, lathes) with latest-generation CNCs, as listed in the annex.

Virtually all of our staff are composed of qualified technicians, who have over twenty years’ experience in the use of CNC precision machinery.