Marble-processing machinery

Diamond-wire machine - MFAC 3000
The MFAC3000 is a fixed machine with a hydraulic positioning system; a patented system with an automatic diamond wire rewinder (store bin), a revolving table to align the cutting line with a control console ...
Sculpting machines/lathes Luigi - for marble and granite - Sculpting machines/lathes Luigi 90/92/96
Sculpting machines/lathes Luigi - for marble and granite
Automatically processes marble, granite, stone.
Saves at least 70% of time

The Luigi 90 - 92- 96 range of sculpting machines/lathes are perfect for reproducing models of statues, capitals...
Aquastone - Water Finish - Acquastone
Aquastone - Water Finish
Aquastone, for abrasion-finishing of granite and marble surfaces (replaces flame texturing, sand blasting, bush hammering).
Hydraulic block tipper - Tipper
Hydraulic block tipper

Our hydraulic block tipper rotates marble or granite blocks by 90° either clockwise or anticlockwise.